Know About The Fishing Equipment for Beginners

If you are thinking about how to spend your weekend I will definitely suggest you fishing. Fishing is one of the best ways to spend your weekend with your friends and family. If you already like fishing, then it’s good for you. But if you don’t, I would highly recommend this to you. Before you go fishing, you must have some essential equipment in order to have a nice fishing experience. If you are a beginner, you need to know which equipment you need before you go fishing with your friends.

Let’s Learn About All Kinds of Fishing Equipment for Beginners

1.Fishing Rod and Reel: The fishing rod is the backbone and fundamental of fishing. They are slender poles that are made of durable and flexible materials. Before buying a fishing rod you should concern about its strength, bending capability, responsiveness, and taper. If you are a beginner, I would recommend you to buy a fishing rod with medium strength. Your fishing reel is adjusted with your fishing rod. It is used to catch fish by winding the reel and pulling the fishing line out of the water. They are easy to use, lightweight and comes at low cost. You can also buy fishing starter kits for having all the equipment in one.

2. Fishing Line: You need to buy good fishing lines for fishing. At first, when you purchase your fishing rod and reel you might also get one or two sets of fishing line for free. But always keep the extra fishing line as a precaution. Try to buy high-quality fishing lines. Make sure it doesn’t get tangled easily.

3. Hooks: Now it’s time for catching fishes. You need a proper hook to catch the proper size of fish. Not all hooks can catch big size fishes. You need to buy a set of all sizes of fishing hooks in order to place a proper hook to catch the proper size of fish. There are also different types of hooks. But If you are a beginner then I will suggest you go for a single hook.

4. Bait: Baits are called those which attracts fishes. It is attached at the end of the hooks. Most of the times baits are living insects. But also they can be any kind of food that attracts the fish. You can buy them from any local shop or you need to dig your yard for some worms.

5. Lures: These are called artificial baits. It just looks like real small fishes which actually attracts big fishes. A hook is also attached with the lure. But there is a trick for using lures. If the sun shines bright then choose a light colored lure. If the weather is dark and rainy then go for a dark color lure.

6. Bobbers: These are also known as floaters. These are made of sponge type material and it floats at the surface of the water. It keeps the baits closer to the surface. It has another important role to play. When a fish is attached with the hook the bobber starts to move shakily and it is the time when you know that you have successfully caught a fish for yourself.

7. Needle Nose Pliers: When a fish is attached to your fishing hook, you need to use your hand to remove the fish from the hook. It is too much risk when it comes to a big fish. You can easily cut your fingers with its mouth or fin. So, the best option so far is using a needle nose plier to do the job for you.


Now, I think if you are a beginner, you are worried too much about the proper fishing method. But you must know that this is the right guideline for a beginner. I hope you will find it helpful. And last but not least, always keep a medical kit with you to avoid any unwanted incidents. Happy fishing to everyone.

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