How To Use A Spotting Scope For Shooting – You Should Know

Before you learn how to use a spotting scope for shooting, you should first take some time to know what exactly is spotting scope. In this blog, we will help you learn about spotting scope which is one of the most critical tools for the professional hunters and shooters.

This is a small kind of telescope which is used for hunting, to view/see an image or object more clearly. They are mostly used for shooting or in any kind of naturalist activity. You have to invest a lot of money if you are opting for a larger spotting scope.

Now let’s focus on the use of the spotting scope for both shooting and hunting. There are different kinds of spotting scopes by the hunters and each one of them has their own benefits. There are many hunters who prefer using a telescope and binocular but they cannot be compared with a spotting scope.

Important things to know how to use a spotting scope:

Here are some of the most important characteristics that you need to keep in mind while using a spotting scope with the intent of shooting so that you feel comfortable while using the same. It will also help you build a strong career in the shooting. You will also learn how to use a spotting scope for birding in this blog.

Comfort Is Important:

To use the spotting scope perfectly, you should always be in a comfortable place. You need to position and place it for a long time. That’s exactly why you should look for a comfortable space to sit. You should focus on the aim and watch the targeted area. It can also lead to back pain problems if you’re unable to find a comfortable place.

To avoid any such reasons, finding a comfortable place to aim the target is very important. You should focus on the specified area because your selective place should be to the point of the targeted area. Otherwise, it won’t really make sense to use a spotting scope because you won’t be able to enjoy the benefits.

Attach The Spotting Scope With Tripod:

It is a must to have a crystal clear and accurate view of the target area when you’re hunting. This is exactly why you should keep the spotting scope stable because you may miss the hit even with a bit of movement.

There are many professional hunters who’re not aware of the advantages of stability. Therefore, you may miss the targeted animal. Take some time to know why it is important to keep the spotting scope stable.

As you will be seeing the object or animal with the help of a high magnification glass, every bit of movement will be counted from a long distance. This is why you should keep it to the tripod so that the scope is in a stable position.

Adjust Spotting Scopes’ Magnification Level According To Your Requirement

Every spotting scope is different if compared to another model. Therefore, you should know to adjust the lens layout and magnification. For instance, if you’re using BARSKA CO11502 for the first time in hunting, you need to use the lens knob to zoom in and zoom out of the magnification.

Read all the essential instructions of using the magnification level. When you will go through all the points in the instruction book of magnifying and resolution settings of the scope, it will be easier to use the object.

Watch The Target Area & Adjust The Magnification Accordingly

You should never ever go with magnification at first because it can create a big nuisance for you. While using the scopes, this is the kind of problem which you will encounter. First and foremost you should view the target area and adjust the magnification accordingly, or else you won’t be able to find the target. You won’t get an accurate view of the target if you are going fast with the magnification process.

Camera Adapters for Spotting Scopes

When it comes to the spotting scopes, they are all adaptable to a camera. You just need a good camera adapter which can be easily joined to your spotting scope. The problem is that these adapters have all sorts of sizes and shapes and forms. Which one is the best and which one should you choose? Below are some things you can look for

  • Adapter rings
  • Point AND Shoot adapters
  • DSLR adapters
  • Compact camera adapters
  • System camera adapters

There are many adapters which are user friendly and can be used easily. For instance, MeoPix iPhone adapter is specifically for use with iPhone 4S or 4C. Like some other camera adapters, this one has a type of mounting bracket which can hold your camera in an accurate alignment.

There are some, for instance, Leupold digital camera adapters which can easily just snap on the eyes of your camera. Few other adapters also require a bit of assembling.

The Role Of A Hunting Spotting Scope

Hunting spotting scope is mostly used for long-distance viewing. This helps you determine the best way to make long distance shots.

Have a look at the step-by-step process:-

  • Set the binoculars
  • Scan the target.
  • Once you’ve found the target, replace those binoculars with your spotting scope in order to get more details and view closely.
  • Use the spotter for getting some information about its sex, size of its rack, and everything that will ensure that that shot you are about to take is not against the law.
  • Use the laser rangefinder for figuring out the distance.
  • Make the shot after making a few adjustments on the rifle scope.

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Still not confident? Stalk on a little closer.

Digiscoping & Camera Adapters Tips


The spotting scope and camera should always be compatible so that you get an accurate fit.


There are many phone and camera adapters that snap on may do the trick on “non-digiscoping spotting scopes”. Now you must have learned how to use a spotting scope.

Happy Shooting!

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