Why every freshwater fisher needs to consider switching to Ultralight rods and fishing lures

From my experience as a fishing store owner and a fisherman myself, I have for the last few years dedicated all of my freshwater fishing to ultralight equipment. I did this because it simply provides so many more benefits over regular fishing rods and heavy lures when targeting freshwater fish species.

Previously I would primarily target lakes with heavier rods and lures in order to cast long distances, and while this method did work, it was nowhere near as productive as fishing in smaller rivers and streams using ultralight equipment.

The main benefits of an ultralight fishing rod

Ultralight fishing rods have their name as they are the lightest weight full sized fishing rods available, they can easily be identified by a Lure Cast Weight Rating, or simply a Lure Weight Rating, just above the handle on the rod. Anything that has a minimum weight of 1 gram or less, and a maximum weight of 5 grams or lower, is an ultralight fishing rod.

These lure weight ratings mean that you can fish using lures of between 0.5 – 1g and 5 grams the same way as you would fish a 10 or 15 gram lure on a regular rod. You are able to cast long distances with tiny weighted lures, and in small lakes and streams, its easy to make a quick flick of the rod and get your small lure in exactly the right spot each time without almost any effort.

The ultralight means you can target places such as fallen trees, weeds and rocky areas where most fish usually hide, it makes fishing so much better as you can literally hunt down your fish, rather than simply casting and hoping for the best.

Fishing Lures for ultralight fishing rods

A wide range of lures are available for ultralights, and the best part is because they are so small and light weight, they are often the cheapest lures on the market. While most physical fishing stores may not carry many lures for ultralights, you can find an online fishing lure store that stocks these lures fairly easily.

Ultralight fishing opens up a wide range of new lure choices for spin lures, hard body diving lures, crankbaits and soft plastics which you were never able to use before.

Final Thoughts

If walking along the river bed all day casting at places predatory fish hide is something you feel you will enjoy, then seriously consider switching to ultralight equipment, the most modern rods are made from carbon fibre, are a three piece setup making it easy to carry around, and weigh around 100 grams, far less than a regular fishing rod. Ultralight or ‘mini’ spin reels are also available to suit ultralights, making them a great choice that is easily portable and perfect for freshwater river fishing.



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