Deer hunting tips and tricks: Hunting basics for beginners

Hunting is interpreted differently from person to person; drug to some, need to others. Whether you identify yourself as a veteran hunters or beginner, deer hunting has always been a sacred and esteemed practice. In fact, deer hunting is a growing passion for hunters and now a day’s hunters prefer to go deer hunting more. There are different reasons for hunters to hunt animals. Firstly, they take it as their hobby. Secondly, they take it as their survival needs. Thirdly, they take it as their passion or profession to hunt animals. From the past to the present, animal lovers engage in hunting to sustain their livelihood. Deer hunting tips and tricks are being adopted by the hunters continuously to hasten the hunting process.

Deer hunting is smooth and comfortable than any other animal hunting. But, hunting whitetail deer is not as easy as other animals. It is challenging too. Hunters need to be tricky and strategic enough to hunt deer as well as other animals. Certain tips have to be adopted to make deer hunting less challenging and comfortable. Necessary devices and tools have to be taken before hunting deer. A hunter has to be able to trigger the gun to capture a deer. A knife is the best instrument for processing the deer afterward. To slice the flesh of deer, to skin the deer, to slay the deer, to cut the pieces of deer a sharp knife is needed foremost for the hunters. Also ensuring safety and soundness is the prerequisite for any kind of hunting. Especially in the time of deer hunting, hunters need to be more careful and conscious of adopting the hunting tips and tricks.

Why hunting deer is a challenge?

To make the challenge is something different matter. A person has to be steady to sustain that particular challenge. As a hunter, challenging is regular matter but deer hunting for beginners is more challenging in deep wood or forest. In a jungle sometimes it becomes difficult to get deer except for deep jungle with lots of trees and food. One may fail to trigger to the right position of targeted deer which may lead him to failure. Though deer are mild in nature, to hunt them is not as easy as one thinks at a first thinking. So, hunting deer with the least attempt will not be profitable.

 To hunt a deer is as rare as getting the deer. A proverb goes “Deer’s eyes are precious”. They are precious because they are exceptional, they grow sympathy from others and their looking’s grave and deep. So, it is obviously a challenge for hunters to grab them without caring their eyes. To subdue their passionate looking is a challenge for deer hunters. Also, deer’s eyesight remains sharp at night which keeps them aware about the hunter’s intrusion inside their areas. Not only is that as their eyes remain two sides of their heads they can cover 360 degrees with the same looking. Again they have a very good sense to perceive about the upcoming enemy. When hunting, hunters have to hide them as much tricky way as possible. For all of these reasons, hunting for beginners poses more challenge, since hunting is a game of experience.

Why hunting deer as demandable?

Depending on hunter’s choice, hunting is adopted. Many of today’s hunters prefer to hunt deer. But hunting deer is not as easy as one may think at a first talk. Deer are clever in nature and can easily smell and perceive the enemy. As they are precious, people hunker after them to get their valuable resources what they carry in their body. 

  • The leather of deer is precious and useful to many people. That is why hunters choose deer as their targeted hunting.
  • Their eyes are full of fervor which grabs the attraction of hunter’s o get them close and to prove them as the brave and exception of getting deer’s eyes.
  • Their meat is delicious which is highly demandable to the food lover’s people. In luxurious restaurants, the meat of deer is needed to deliver the customers.
  • The bone of deer is remarkable to preserve. Different show pieces are made from their bones. Also, cookeries and furniture are made from deer’s bones. In the museum, the head of the deer is hung up for showing. For this reason too, hunting deer has become demandable to the hunters.
  • The head of the deer is also seen many houses of luxurious people and they buy it from hunters with the exchange of huge money.
  • It is a matter of art. So, hunting deer is highly demandable to the artist too. Because there is no part of deer’s body which cannot be the part of our life.
  • Above all, hunting deer is the passion for the hunters because passion is something that is absolutely free from external demands. 

A story behind deer hunting: 

My grandfather was a passionate hunter. Deer were his main attraction to succumb under his strength. On the other hand, he was so much sympathetic to deer. But when hunting time, he would become patient and hard enough to shoot them. As a hunter he was stubborn enough to hunt. On the contrary, he was generous enough to help people. But the main fact was that, what he wanted he would do it at any cost and he was able to hunt the biggest buck I have ever seen. He would follow deer hunting tips and tricks. Since most of the time he would stay at the jungle, he could easily hunt deer and he would follow some tricks and strategies in case of any animal. Maintain deer hunting tips and tricks can make any hunter successful and courageous. These deer hunting tips and tricks will help you to know in detail the preparation of hunting deer.

Before deer hunting you have to develop these personal phenomenons:

  • Hunt a buck rather male deer.
  • Focus on only deer when hunting than scattered hunting.
  • Let not the deer know what you are going to do.
  • Check your carrying instruments are ok or not.
  • Try at best. Do not be depressed in the midway of hunting.
  • Be careful and active. Do not lose confidence.
  • Be patience and courageous 
  • Do not go back away from the hunting you are going to.
  • Be tricky and strategic but not rude.

Suggested tips and tricks for deer hunting:

Check your instruments:

Before going for deer hunting properly check whether you are taking all the equipment you need to make successful the whole process of hunting. From starting of the journey to the last, you will need gun, gloves, knives, machete or other types of instruments. Do not keep them away inside your home. Check whether the knife is sharp or not. Whether the bag you are carrying is enough to carry or not every utensil you want to carry. Always keep the instrument neat and clean. Do not keep them in the wet place.

Find out their food habit to dictate their location:

As deer are fond of berries and acorns, find out these food items in the deep wood. It will be easy for you firstly to find out their regular food item than directly look for them. As deer also eat stem, shoots, grass, herbs, mushrooms, acorns, fruits etc you can detect this food in the wood to detect them. It is not necessarily correct that deer remain only in wood. You may get the even in the agricultural land during harvest time. Try to use Google map for the better hunting area if you do not have any scope of seeing that area from plane or helicopter. You may get the idea by asking from the already experienced hunters who know the actual location of deer. Before that, you have to take permission from the forest ministry or from the state government to start hunting. You must have the hunting license.

Let not deer know about your plan:

As deer are sensitive in nature, let not them to know your plan to attack them. You should hide you inside the bush or outside the big trees. Do not neglect about your location and position. Fix the standing trees you want to stand before shooting. Use a binocular to know their movements. To know deer’s location, position use binocular and do not forget to keep it at home. Always try to walk with light footsteps so that noises cannot alarm them. Even if, they get the sound of leaves they will make them hide. To become successful in hunting, try to walk alone rather group walk. The solo walk will be advantageous to you for good hunting.

Select the season to hunt deer:

Choosing the best season is not something negligible. Deer are prone to cold. They cannot bear up cold so to escape from cold they hide them inside the bush. But, as they need water always you will find them near water. So, you can use the winter season as the best season for whitetail deer hunting. Also, if you become a little bit tricky, try to take scope near water and you will always find them near pond, lake, river or marshland.

Use odor-free clothing:

Deer fear about human used scent or perfume and may hide them by sensing. So before starting a trip for whitetail hunting, try not to use any kind of fragrance on your body or clothes. In any case, if you want to carry a bottle of scent for emergency use, keep it sealed or packed so that its smell cannot intrude into deer’s ears. Try to wash your hunting dresses with non-scented soap or detergent.

Avoid trimming shooting lanes:

When you will reach to the wood or targeted area to hunt deer try to keep the area secured enough for hunting. Do not take over advantages by trimming the grass or tree lanes. For privileged shooting, if hunters cut the trees or grasses it will make the clever buck to hide them. As they are sensitive to smell, the smell from the young timber cutting may warn them about human’s intrusion or attack.

Focus on deer only:

When you will hunt deer just hunt it. Do not divert your mind by giving concentrate to others animals. Do not leave hope and labor if you are a beginner. Be steady and work with what you want to hunt. Keep trying and follow tricks and strategies for deer hunting.

Do not leave attempt:

If you even think that you are not getting right direction, do not leave your attempt in the midway. When you will set your gun to shoot stay to the last minute because it is the best time to shoot a buck of the last minute of shooting light.

Practice more and more:

Before going for final shooting for hunting practice more in the jungle. Be point your direction and make the right goal. To hunt the biggest buck, fix your own time for practicing. Give some time in the jungle and know the deer’s movements. Learn how to trigger gunshot and how to make the goal as directed as you want.

Do not do these during hunting:

  • Impatient
  • Rude enough
  • Go back
  • Further shooting
  • Distorted thinking

So, it can be concluded that hunting deer is an art which shows the uniqueness of the hunters. To hunt deer, hunters must dictate the location, equip with instruments, and plan systematically so that hunting becomes effective. Personally, a hunter needs to be patient and brave. The deer hunters have to know also how to skin and dress that hunter deer or buck to make it processed. If you read the article on how to hunt deer, you will find lots of articles and practically experienced writing which will give you an overall idea to hunt animals. If you are a professional hunter, it will be easy for you to hunt deer by maintaining privacy and security. But if you are the first time hunter, practice with another kind of little animals. Before that, you have to attain courage to shoot the animals. Try to practice shooting to make the target one successful. At first, specify the right position then shoot. You can also hunt deer by using the knife or other types of sharp instruments. In overall, follow the above-mentioned deer hunting tips and tricks and make your hunting journey fruitful by hunting the biggest and strongest buck or deer.

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