Best Bird Watching Equipment of 2020: Must Watch for Everyone

Well, bird watching is a hobby that is very popular among the people of this generation. Not only this generation but also the elders like this hobby. That’s why Birds are still in the place of affection of every people. In the past, only binoculars were the only equipment for watching birds. But now the time has changed. New technologies and as well as improved gadgets are invented for bird watching. These gadgets are especially improvised for not only watching birds but also for watching different games. The zooming ability of these equipment has made them superior from any other bird watching equipment.

Today I am going to talk about some best equipment for watching birds. This equipment is mostly used for every bird watcher. So it doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned brider or you are just beginning to make bird watching as your hobby or place of interest, this article will make things easier for you.

Birds can be seen in different places like forests, beaches, mountains, grasslands, wetlands etc. Actually, birds can be seen almost everywhere. But if you are going to visit these places mentioned above you should take at least one of the equipments I am going to talk about. So let’s get started.

Best Bird Watching Equipment of 2018

1. Spotting Scope:

Spotting scope is one of the best choices of all for bird watching. If you are a seasoned brider, I’m suggesting you to take at least one spotting scope with you. You will get a way better experience than ever. Spotting scopes are specially designed for watching both big and small games. The special feature of a spotting scope is it’s zooming ability. It can be zoomed up to 60x but a 30x magnifying spotting scope is enough for distance bird watching.  Also a spotting scope is easy to carry. That’s why spotting scope is being at the top of the choice for every brider. There are a lot of spotting scopes in the market. But not every product is useful for bird watching. Some spotting scopes are useful for spotting big games. Some are useful for spotting small games like birds. Also there is a matter of price.

There are some spotting scopes under $1000, under $500 and under $200. So as you can see there are different types of spotting scope. So your budget is also a fact for choosing a spotting scope. So I am going to shout out some names of the best spotting scopes from every category. Celestron 80mm Ultima Zoom spotting scope, Alpen 20-60 x 80mm spotting scope, Vanguard Endeavor HD 20-60 x 65 mm spotting scope, Vortex 20-60 x 85 mm Razor HD spotting scope etc are some good spotting scopes for bird watching. You can try them or other spotting scopes equivalent to them for getting a smoothing birding experience.

2. Binocular: 

Binoculars are the most popular bird-watching equipment of all. It has been using from the very past. A binocular is an equipment which let’s you to observe a substance or something from a long distance. Its magnifying ability lets you to observe that thing from a long time. As the birds are not stable in a place and can fly over if they smell people at closer distance, a binocular is the best option for bird watching. Selecting a binocular is a very important part here. The first thing you have to think is how much you want to spend for a binocular. Then what are your specifications or requirements going to be. And finally how comfortable your binocular is going to be. Well binoculars are very common and can be found in every price according to the category. The magnification of binocular is different from the spotting scope. A binocular with 7x or 8x would be perfect for bird watching. But 10x is also better. In this rage of magnification of binoculars you will get a clear and bright picture of birds. Also the weight of the binocular is a fact. Heavier binoculars are difficult to move around. Also there should be a neck strap for carrying the binocular easily.

3. Wildlife Camera

Wildlife cameras are the latest addition to bird watching equipments. A wildlife shooting camera can take pictures of birds very smoothly. The qualities of these pictures are mention worthy in every aspect. For this reason wildlife camera is used to watch birds and taking pictures of them. That’s why not only briders are interested in bird watching but also professional photographers are interested in this special hobby. Taking pictures of wildlife is one of the most popular genres of photography. A good DSLR camera with good lens will be enough for wildlife shooting. A tripod is also suggested if needed. Canon and Sony is the most renowned wildlife camera makers. So it is all about your choice. But for wildlife photographic camera the most important part is the lens. So be aware of buying this instrument wisely.

4. Field Recorder:

A field recorder is a device that enables you to record both video and sound. The special feature of a field recorder is the ability of taking the desired sound without any other noise. This is the good option for making memories of your birding experiences. You can experience them live and not only that, you can also take videos with exact audio. This is what everyone wants. After making the video you can save the video to your computer as a memory.


Birds are the sign of peace. We get relief and become pressure-free by watching birds. Day by day the hobby of watching birds is increasing rapidly. But the matter of fact is birds are not much available right now like before. So we have to be careful about this and we should encourage the new generation for watching birds.

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