Travel Packing Tricks and Tips: 5 Things You Should and Should Not Pack for Mount Everest

Travelling is one of the most fascinating hobbies for peoples around the world. Travel enthusiasts know very well how interesting and thrilling travelling is. But not all travels end up with a smoothing experience. Mount Everest is the name of a thrilling place where everyone wants to go. Sometimes we have to face some problems during the travel session. It could be the travel equipment’s and also it could be the travel medium. But whatever it is, we must follow our own tricks to overcome the obstacles during a travel. But also there are some mandatory tricks and tips that you can never ignore. In this article I’m going to show 8 important travel tricks that you should follow during your travel.

Top 8 Travel Packing Tricks and Tips

We all know that Travel Tips and Tricks are not same like Mount Everest. Also the tricks will vary with the type of travel. But we will talk about all travel tricks in this article. So let’s begin.

1. Rolling, not folding

The first part of the travel is packing your backpacks. All of your necessary items should be packed in a large travel bag. Clothes are the most important part of a travel. So keeping enough clothes with you during your travel is mandatory. But we have seen it many times that peoples are more interested to fold their clothes instead of rolling them. But the huge fact is you can pack more clothes in your travel bag only if you roll them and then put it to the travel bag. You can pack around 1.5 times more clothes in your travel bag if you just roll the clothes instead of folding.

2. Tickets are the most important:

Well just go to the nearest airport, I’m quite sure that you will find at least one guy who has forgotten to take the ticket with him. Do you want to be in his position? I know that nobody wants to be in such situation. So the best thing you can do is keeping the ticket in a safe place where you can find the ticket easily. Better option will be keeping the ticket in such a place where your eyes will surely fall. If your home is far away from the airport or train station then you should keep your ticket inside your baggage the night before your travel. But check if the ticket is on the right place before leaving your home. 

3. Just ignore unnecessary items:

We have the tendency of taking almost every types of things in a travel. But at a time you realize that they are nothing but just an obstacle. This situation is literally hilarious. Because they just make the baggage heavier and not good for anything. So you have to be selective. For example: always take best quick charge power bank with you. Also take a binocular or spotting scope with you during the travel. It will let you exploring the natural beauties of the Mount Everest. You must differentiate between necessary and unnecessary items. Increasing the weight of your bag will not bring you any good. Instead of that, you will be irritated with these items. So be wise when selecting the items for taking in the travel.

4. Keep a map with you:

New place can bring you really trouble during the travel. One of the most common problem travelers’ face is not knowing the roads of that new city. If you have a receiver in the airport or station then it is alright. But if you don’t have anyone then keep a map of that city to find the destination easily. Also you can mark the important places in the map where you want to visit. Don’t think that Google Map will always in this case. If you are traveling to a new country then you will definitely need a map at the first place.

5. Heavier items should be placed at the bottom:

Travelling equipment can be heavier and also can be lighter. The silliest mistake we do is mixing these item. A heavy item and a light item shouldn’t be mixed. During the packing the heavy items should be placed at the bottom of your travel bag. Heavy items like books, shoes, binoculars, spotting scopes etc. items are that type of things that can be placed at the bottom of your travel bag. On the other hand light items like clothes and undergarments should be placed at the top of your bag.

6. Keep the toiletries in a transparent bag: 

If you are a girl then the toiletries and makeup instruments are the must pick item for you. It will be better for you to keep these toiletries in a transparent bag. It is not only fearing about leakage. You will find the necessary toiletries and makeup items in one place when they are needed. Otherwise you have to mess the whole suitcase for finding a particular item. This is disgusting indeed.

7. Good quality travel bag will give smooth experience:

Travel bag varies with qualities. In the market there are so many travel bags. These bags amount are enough to make you confused. So choosing the right one is really tough. The quality of the travel bag makes an important impact in the travel. If the bag is not quite good it will not be able to carry your necessary items in a long travel. Also it might get scratch and sometimes can turn into an unusable condition. To avoid these conditions you must use a good quality travel bag.

8. Keep your different items in a different bag, then in the travel bag:

Different types of things will be packed in your carry bag. So it is necessary to keep similar types of things together. This will help you to find things easily. The best option is keeping similar things in a bag, then packing all of these bags in the travel bag.


The tips and tricks for travelling can vary person to person. But you can’t deny the obvious facts. These were top 8 travel packing tricks and tips. You must keep these important facts in your mind. Never bring trouble to yourself in such situations. Happy travelling.           


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