Eleven Backpacking Tips and Tricks for the Beginners of 2019

Well, backpacking is essential for every outdoor activates. One must accrue the knowledge, because, it can be the blessing or the curse during a trip.

We often make some mistakes and forget to take our all the accessories before going out. Moreover, we find difficulties with the backpack and do not understand what we need to take and what can be avoided.

Here some tips and tricks for backpacking are given.This beginner backpacking tips helps a lot to them.

Hope these will reduce the problems associated with backpacking and make us comfortable with it.

Let's Start Eleven Backpacking Tips and Tricks 

1. Bag size and shape:

The height should be 48cm(19 inches) to 76cm(30 inches), and 32 cm (13 inches) to 48cm(19 inches) should be its width. 

It is a perfect size for travelers and capable of carrying necessaries for the long journey. It can move to belong to more than one person.

It has to be checked that it is free from rift and chink. In case of a journey in the airline, there is a regulation imposed on traveler's luggage size, and it is not more than 30 inches in length and 62 inches (height +width+ depth).

So, pick a right a bag to make the journey comfortable.

2. Cloths you need:

Take pure light, weight cloths as you can wash it and can wear every day in a wide variety of climates.

It much depends on climate and weather; avoid cotton as much as you can, take lightweight as more accessible to breathe and pack down small and after washing can be dried overnight.

So, First thing is the shirt and long sleeve, 50 percent polyester and 50 percent nylon, has to be UV protected will be fine. 

Three shirts and T-shirts will be enough. The second thing is pant and khaki, versatile in color, which will not be dirty — two pairs of shorts and swimsuits, which will be suitable for running and for swimming. The third thing is underwear, three pairs of underwear will be fine.

Have a towel, a sun-glass, and a hat as well. 

3. Shoes, sandals, and socks:

This is on the number #3 on our backpacking tips and tricks list. In the odd outdoor life only one pair of trail runners will be enough if it is made for running and capable of hiking. 

So, no need to take too many damn shoes. One pair of sandal needs to be carried as it is easy to carry, super legible and suitable looking with all sort of shirts and pants.

Lastly, socks have to bring, a few different colors of socks as if it is to find which one is dirty and which one is clean.

4. Layers of clothing:

It is quite a simple concept. Instead of talking a heavy jacket, have layers of clothing though. However, it depends on the weather, be aware of the weather forecast of your destination. Keep the cloths orderly in the bag and save the space as much as you can.

5. Prepare for the weather:

Have an umbrella if the weather is sweltering and sunny or it is raining. Have a rain jacket if it is raining. Wear warm clothes for winter. Have a pair of gloves.

Be touched with the update and take preparation according to the weather and climate.

6. Having drinking water:

Have a water bottle contained fresh drinking water. Water keeps us alive, and we cannot survive without water. It prevents dehydration.

Drink water when you are hiking, if you have a water pot or water bottle you can get water from natural sources. It gives the chances of refilling it.

It takes tiny space in the bag is easy to carry. You can also bring some cold drinks, juices, and beverages.

7. Having some foods

Not focus on drinking only, besides drinking you need to take food. Having breakfast, lunch or dinner.

As you are going to spend a lot of calories at the time of hiking, keep some easy and quick foods like snacks.

You can keep it in your pocket, hip pouches and on your backpack. Therefore, it is easy to take as you are going alone. Have some town food as well — a burger, a pizza, ice cream and so on. If you want to get stronger, take those because these will give you a lot of calories and a lot of energy.

You will get more quality having these carrying foods advised than Having some condiments through Ziploc bag and collect some sauce of different flavors and the use them when you will be eating.

8. Have some medicines:

Keep some multivitamins, and these will give you nutrients and vitamins. Besides, keep some well-known medication, painkiller, and saline for cold, fever or dysentery.

Have an injury tape and some first aid kits to face unwanted pains or accident. It will remind you to move carefully as you do not want to fall in a crash.

9. Have multiple purposes gears and tape

If you want to save space and weight, use multi purposes speeds. You can use trekking poles as it holds large multi purposes items. You can use it during hiking.

It will give you support and will also help set up a tent. So, it reduces the function. Again, having have duct tape can help you many things ten patches of duct tape can work like first aid stuff.

You can wrap it around your trekking poles so that it will m easier to use when it is necessary. You can also carry a spotting scope or a binoculars also.

10. Have a headlamp or a torchlight and lighter for making fire:

Keep a, and you will find its necessity at night. Wherever your shelter, you need this one in the dark.

Turn on the red-light mode to make sure that you are not going to make annoying others if you are in-group.  Keep lighter in your bag to make fire. It costs nothing space in your pocket.

11. Check the whole once again:

Final backpacking tips and tricks of this list is, check the whole things and make sure that you have kept all the following items. You also need to keep a blade, a knife, rope. 

You may take earplug, headphone or earphone in your bag. These will help you to escape from the noise, and you can enjoy yourself. Take charger for charging the mobile phone, power bank, and compass to check the direction.

Check your toothbrush, tooth pest, your watch, moneybag, etc. little things and make sure that you would not forget to take.

Though, the hole process is look easy and straightforward. But from experience, any one can measure how important they are. Hope, you like our #11 backpacking tips an tricks. Feel free to ask questions and share this. 


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