Top 10 Best Wire Strippers Reviews And Buying Guide As of Now

An ideal set of the best wire strippers include some significant features that some people do mistake to identify them. Here my notes are to inform you about the features that make your buy cost effective and you feel comfort in using the wire strippers suggested by the time on my site. You know, wire cutting has become a regular phenomenon as the connection of electricity and other cables are running to an extent centering our life styles’ demands to meet. Hence, a wire stripper is anyhow, a facilitated modern technology to enhance the cutting job without wasting time and accurately. The best wire strippers are a set of portable tool kits in pocket and on run; you can handle it as easy as you feel in mind. Keep continuing to read more about a magic touch in features you have ever come to know. Let’s see in-depth.

Literally easy, but technically very difficult to sort out some ideal wire strippers compatible to your jobsites. If you are a novice one or away from updates even being an old user, just stick your view to read this article and follow the instructions written on featuring wire strippers that you need it very much. Now enter your eye-balls below.

Wire matching wire stripper:

wire is made in standard size, there are different sizes of wires such as 10-18 gauge, 22 gauge etc.. So do the wire strippers. Based on your requirements, in which you are so busy with cutting and stripping and you should determine that types of wire strippers. Not some exact measurements, but a set of diameters of wires you guess doing with and think before a buy a wire stripper. Thin gauge and thick gauge, can be your option between two categories.  

Find some additional features:

Common features are just got known to you. But in case of updating features, the interest of some new features not bad in the line. Depending on your using stability, you look for some new featured technology to feel better in work.

Adjustable wire stripper:

Adjustable wire stripper and crimper help you to automatic strip and crimp the wires. It not needed to have a measurement of wire gauge matching with stripper. But it does automatically when it holds wire to crimp or strip.


Look for some benefits that you can get for a certain period after a buy. The stripper may be run out, this is natural, but manufacturers are very much keen to recover the privileges you should enjoy. For the detective material, the warranty ensures to get it changed or repaired. Notice well before a sign out.

Budget friendly Price:

Consider the price tag read on the product. Match it with your budget and product quality and then to take decision for a final jump for the stripper you want to buy. This is exactly where you are now to decide by yourself.


Brand names are not by birth. It has to achieve from some extraordinary performance with what the company deals for you. So, brand name keeps important roles to select an ideal product for you be cost effective. Look some famous brands for better service.    

Types of wire stripper

Used in many ways and a lot of people around the world stepping together with the different types of their choices as working easiness. So, wire stripper is categorized in two main types to separate the users’ contention and privileges. There are two in number.

best wire strippers

1. Manual wire stripper:

It’s more versatile and a user can control it according to his cutting shape the wire for a good utilization that connects well on the other part of another wire to be joint. Here, the user himself is able to rotate the whole body of stripper applying pressure requires to cut around the insulation in order to get the core part of cable as a whole. This is good for being manual is that it depends the size of a ‘wire cut’ on the will of the users and they can do it as their own. But for automatic wire stripper, it reads differently the details.

2. Automatic wire stripper:

It’s automatic and never waits for a command of your nervous system. When you get a tight hold the back-tail of a wire stripper, measuring the length of the cable to be cut, nothing you can design in what shape it cuts the wire as the built-in shape of the stripper will bite the core part of the wire outing the insulation coat of wire. Just getting a pressure between two legs, it cuts and removes the jacket the wire wears. This is a helpful tool for novices who do not count the measure of cable length in depth but only to strip out the wire is all to them.  However, it is perfect cat for a certain size range of wires to cut.  

Design of a wire stripper       

The size and design should be appealing, and so do the usefulness. The various hands—small hands and big hands, anyway will come to a contact to work with and hence, the manufacturers should generally be keen about the size in mind before a final design released. A heavy induction stainless steel basically gets a significance hint for an ideal wire stripper as it mainly engages in heavy duty in our hands in different ways at the projects go on.

The serrated teeth, an extension of working performance proving it a versatile one. The biting hardness is stronger for a wire until a stripping is complete to use. It’s handy too. The handle part you can imagine it a soft hold and can be either straight or bit curved comparing to working easiness before a final physic is set for handle design. When talking with gripping comfort, a silent mutation is a curse and I boastfully assure you of a rubber coating for the optimal comfort to handle the butt easy and for a long time scissoring on the projects. It even does not produce sweat in fist for slippages. It’s a type of ideal wire cutter as well.

Best wire stripper reviews

Based on receiving some real-fact information and our practical experiences, we enlist some most useful wire strippers that are featuring good in the view of current market survey. Each and every point of feature comes with a full phased application at the site. So, the demand of these wire strippers is worldwide and mentionable for the next generation coming to use for years.        

Ergonomic design for powerful performance

One of the popular best wire strippers that stays at worksite with a longer sharpening profile because of induction tough cutting edge. That working freedom it gives you in work, will never forget it for others to buy instead. The diamond-look cutting edge performances as blade when a wire comes to be cut in a perfect size to be used as electric or any other joint issues.

Easy to use

Very often you are missing the right choice of strippers for a perfect size illustration you generally use. If you do not get the right measurement of your cutting or stripping the wire, you may not be perfect to show your performance as to be a professional electrician or engineer. But with the design, built-in with an American Wire Gauge (AWG) 10-12, a standard scale of wire cutting all over your projects gives you a profound satisfaction cutting or stripping the wire by IRWIN Vise-Grip Multi tool wire cutter.

Versatility in use:

Cutting a wire is not a finishing point of work in your project. After coating out the wire, a lot of works then left for the next process to the system. The pliers style nose of the stripper helps pulling out the cable core and looping it in the right place according to the operator’s requirement. Everything is done from cutting a wire to join it other. Bolt cutter is to adjust a bolt in cutting to size while the crimper does it perfect in crimping insulated and non-insulated terminals to make a joint between two parts of wire.


  • The soft-textured comfortable handles reduces fatigue in work
  • Multi using features for working easiness
  • Induction sturdy cutting edge takes long life
  • ANSI standard wire stripper
  • Bolt cutter and insulated and non insulated crimper facility  


  • It may catch rust due to carelessly use

Self adjusting wire stripper:

Standing on a ladder, it is very difficult to work with cutting wire and getting a joint them. If not a perfect measurement, the leggy work will endanger leaving you in a list of victims for imperfection of work. But if you are keeping a IRWIN wire stripper with you, means a whole get rid of all complaints in the power of a beautiful performance it provides all the time. Wires are perfectly stripped by the handheld tiny tool kit used for cutting wires. A wire crimper for insulated and non insulated terminals that join the both sides of wire together. It’s good to use even standing and working one-legged.       

Works fast and accurately:

It’s not such a home tool that you will have a lot of time to invest for a small job to be done. The all time adjustable wire cutter is cleverly designed for precise and accurate cutting when the professionals enjoy it in their works escaping of the fatigue of day long performance. Its popularity comes from a significant performance that usually focused by the professional tradesmen as they enjoy its fast and accurate features in works. Because they are to quickly and accurately finish a wire stripper job at their site on project.

Micro adjustment for perfect stripping

Different types of wires gauges are handled and a numerous adjustments to set up for a perfect stripping from smaller AWG to larger AWG within the day. But your hesitation to an exact measurement that halts you to think about IRWIN self adjusting, a good one among the best wire strippers in the market. A swivel knob that functions for every micro adjustment that takes wire smaller than 20AWG to have a perfect strip without cutting any of the thread of a cable. It behaves so motherly to the wires keeping it safe for use.   

The versatility

Not ended its run for only cutting and stripping the wire at that moment of work. The more things to do. A jump for extra long for the IRWIN self adjusting wire stripper that includes a wire crimper that crimps the insulate and non-insulate terminals with the help of this unique model. You will feel it’s being more productivity when to come in a deal with its versatile performance. Pro touch grip is so wonderful to handle the wire cutter at site that no sweat comes in fist.


  • Swivel knob for micro adjustment for gauges smaller than 20AWG
  • Textured handle grip for non-fatigue work
  • Fast and accurate
  • Crimper and wire cutter work well
  • Light weighted but sturdy enough for long life


  • Self adjustment is a bit problem after a use for years

Comfortable cut and strip in a single step:

The Klein Tools 11063W 8-22 AWG wire stripper is a design that cuts and strips wire at first attempt. 1-inch length of the insulation layer it removes after stripping all around the wire keeping the shape in exact point. All of the comfort comes from a tension-loaded handle grip. While a smooth hold of the wire grip provides a gentle working performance. You can’t imagine the wire damages where the precisely measured machine holes easily remove the insulated coat of the wire.


A recoil spring that is ready to get the tool in a position on a cycle completion work after finishing a job. The induction alloy materialized chassis for heavy duty and it assures a long time working stability. Overall a coat finishing that keeps the wire stripper safe from corrosion attack providing a long life since a buy. The precise and accurate cutting, crimping and stripping quality guaranteed by the manufacturer, a show of being popular with the make.

Standard weight and durability

Do not review it before a use hand to hand. From my practical experience, no obstructions can hold it back from working well. Dust, moister, mud and in almost all the weathers, the performance of this type of handy tool goes boldly and comfortably.

Good performance:

For copper wires, it goes to odds if not stripped well. But with the Klein tool, I experienced a better feel for a clean wire strips and never had I met a nick in stripping or scrape the wires. The handles grips are textured and do not make slips when to work for a long hour on the particular project site. From material to operational functionalities all are super to use.


  • Cutting, crimping and stripping are easy
  • Tension-loaded handle grip for comfortable hold
  • Recoil design to get the tool in a original state to get ready for another job
  •  Rust resistant and durable
  • Light in weight but sturdy to last for long


  • The weak performance on 22 AWG.

Wire stripping and cutting performance:

In the electric wire cutting and stripping profession, the precision, accuracy and comfort are considered as to be the main enhancement for a project run depending on wire strippers like this Klein Tools 11507one. A clean cut on solid and difficult copper wire comes easy with best wire strippers and cutters like Klein Tools. a set of curved handles for tactical use to reach a confined area to loop the wires and blending into the holes as a whole.

Versatile design

After stripping a wire to be used properly, it needs blending and straight stand still as to pull into the hole easy. For this handy facilitation, the wire stripper is with strong and gripping nose to catch the wire threads in its own to help to blend the joints. It also does more when you are shaping and pulling the wires from one to another. An accurate ground-stripping hole to enter the wires to get it straight or blending according to the cable wiring benefits.

Textured gripping handle and locking mechanism:

Klein has made this model for an extra benefit for its users worldwide. The simple stripper is designed in a locking mechanism that does not get its spring open when unconsciously throw in your pocket during a work. The handy and textured grip leaves you in comfort without any fatigue for hours in work with it. This is really a perfect choice for popular users all over the world.    


  • The accuracy in stripping and removing easy for wore jacket
  • Induction hardened edge cuts well for days
  • Serrated nose to blend wire
  • Strong grip for pulling and holing wire
  •  Textured handle grip enhances long time work


  • It has big hands that feel apart from grip

Very good in cutting and stripping:

Tekton 3797 7-inch wire stripper is designed of two curved handles that provides power in work. In electric wire management system, the stripping and cutting are the most important and hence work well for a good joint between two cables two sides. It’s ergonomic and single curve two keep safe fingers between curves during pressure on handles. A long term electric project finishes easy by the TEKTON 3739 wire stripper and cutter.

Multi –functional:

A king for joints that performs from AC connection like small appliance repair, remodeling and connect a new circuit to the DC application like electrics, electronics, automotive electrical system and in working for the several types of circuit in different projects. It’s a must for electric work.

Ergonomic design:

This is two part-handle systems. A single curve handle especially for working easiness and the users get extra benefits when to make pressure on two handles that do not pain your finger between the parts. This is popular for its ergonomic handles. It offers more like cushioned comfort, texture, spring assistance, self-opening hinges works and gripping power. The  safety lock you must use after finishing  a job to store. Toddlers will not come to a contact to handle it without your concern.


  • Spring assisted self opening system
  • Locking system to store after use
  • Single curve handles for working easiness
  • Multi functional for AC and DC wires
  • Durable and light weighted


  • The locking system does not close well for some items

Accurate stripping and cutting:

Neiko wire stripper, however, a home assistant that works automatically in selecting correct tension and catches wire to strip or cut with the serrated part on its installation. It does it totally without damaging any part of the wire in pulling the insulation away. The machine jaws are the factor and you have to put the wire in a right place within the jaws to be cut or stripped. And then, choose your selection with the wire length that generally is ¼-inch to ¾ inch using the squeeze and the flip-up stopper. 10-24 gauge wires can be the right selection for Neiko self-adjusting tool. A micro adjustment thumb wheel is for wire gauges smaller than 20 AWG.

Sharp and powerful:

Heat treated blades are generally sharp edged and cut through the objects accurately without damaging any part of the wire. The spring loaded handles and high frequency powerful convenient wire stripper is able to cut through from 10-24 wire gauges. The cleanly cutting wire edge provides perfection at project site. The magic of one of the best wire strippers is in use for stripping and cutting wires smoothly.  

Easy color coding:

This is one of the best color code guides for insulating wires. The crimping teeth that deals with the matters are mainly involved in color coding accommodate 4-22 AWG wire. It also incorporates with 4-22 AWG non insulated wire and 7-8 mm ignited terminals. This is perfect and crimper for color coding with the several types of colorful wires.   


  • Both jaws of stripper auto adjust wire gauges
  • An adjustable stopper takes accurate measurement (1/4 inch –3/4-inch) of wires to cut or strip
  • The integrated inner handles blades cut wires accurately
  • Can crimp insulated and non-insulated AWG
  • Color coding privileges


  • Not so smooth in works, some say

Ergonomic design:

It takes almost a skeleton body has a required amount of loop holes to facilitate wires in different types of requirements such as blending, stripping for a particular size of wires, getting a bent wire to be straight and cutting works. This is more useful for having a number of precise holes on the stripper’s body.

Versatility in works:

Klein Tools 11055 is not name of a design, but all the way it performs versatility. The strong serrated nose that has a good grip and hold wires in any situation  at the worksite. Pulling the wire from one hole to put it to another, bending, finishing and shaping, all are possible only with this type of wire stripper of Klein.


High induction tested stainless steel for the structure works well as well as lasts for long life. Tamper resistant keeps safe the strippers for rust, dust, water, mud and any other weather related issues that able to tamper the stripper’s structure by the time.

All body design works at the same time:

Several holes put on the body looks not good but you can think that, the utilization of the holes are indispensible. Every hole is for every type of use the stripper. Looping and blending wire is one of them. The US made little boy works especially at the electric wire project in a view to have success in the running project.   


  • Body holes for blending and looping wires
  • Tested stainless steel lasts long
  • Serrated nose holds wires easily
  • Stopper for exact measurement of wire to strip
  • Nice handles grip


  • Have big hands far from handle grip

Automatic stripper:

days have changed and the machines work automatically to enhance worksite rapidly. However, this wire stripper does the same way as it strips and cuts wires automatically. That was not seen before. The blade is setting for stripping and cutting can adjust the different gauge itself. And in a single squeezing motion, it can do all like stripping and cutting.

Built-in wire cutter:

Not needed it to look for a wire cutter separately, because it’s keeping the same in a built-in while you can use it for cutting and stripping wires at the same time. It’s one of the best wire strippers in the world of wire strippers.

Consistency in stripping

all is done automatically. So, for this Capri Tools, you will have a self adjusting blades that provide wire stripper clean, balance d and consistent strip and cut every time you try. However, a good wire stripper all the time.

Ideal strip and cut:

No doubt, it is used for outdoors and indoors projects involved in wiring issues. Many household wires that not in thicker than 10 AWG. So, the versatility in use perfect and satisfactory.


  • Strip and grip functionality made easy
  • Automatic stripping and cutting power
  • Built-in wire cutter and stripper
  • Self adjusting blades
  • It strips for 24-10 AWG and cuts up to 12 AWG


  • It does not cut more than 22 AWG

Stunning design:

Milwaukee Electric Tool is designed in 6-in-1 combinational pliers. This is featured in needle nose dual head revolutionary wire stripping and cutting functionality that meet all demands in wiring issues. The six applications of the Milwaukee have made it the top level wire stripper and cutter. Wire stripping, reaming, bolt cutter, pliers, wire cutter and loop maker are the six applications for discovering a new taste in wire stripping and wire cutting.  .  

Easy to use and durable:

It’s not keeping any hard-nut-to-crack system to use. Just as simple as a hammer to beat something. The Taiwan made stripper strips 10-18 AWG solid wire and for stranded wire 12-20 AWG. This is not a brittle one as the tested material is used for a long life to go.

Locking mechanism:

Locking mechanism is to lock the system when to store it after use. One-handed locking mechanism keeps safe this pocket tool in your pouch on a run for work site to site. And more things that grow interest in it is spring loaded opening system, rust resistance and more. The durability is quite fair on the way to use it.


  • One handed opening technology
  • Rust resistant save it from water and dump weather
  • Solid wire strips 10-18 AWG and Stranded 12-20 AWG
  • Six applications for versatile use
  • Durable and handy


  • Handles easily slides and hampers stripping process, according to a critical review

Reliable brand:

American made, no doubt you can leave in hesitation. The feature rich stripper is always a versatile style in working performance. From household to a company project, this has been using as an indispensible part for the electric construction firms. This is why, the role of it is worldwide.

Comfort in use:

The handle grip is so nice to hold. While cutting or stripping a wire at the site, the holding easiness helps for a precise and accurate cutting or stripping. The ergonomic design cut 10-18 AWG of solid wire. The handy tool is easy to handle in pocket for site work. The less functionality design has made this model much operational and fast to work.

Locking mechanism:

Used as safety measure when to move one place to another. Just one-handed locking mechanism puts your tool in pouch and a run for works away. Spring assisted opening technology to save time and the serrated jaws for holding wires tightly. For cutting, crimping and stripping, Klein’s 10100 wire stripper is incomparable to others in the market. Here, the locking mechanism performs well to keep you safe for the other works when you are to hurry for a run.   

Durable and light weighted:

As it is made of tested material, so must be long lasting. The stainless steel is induction hardened and can receive heavy impact from falling down. Not a bit brittle and stays for long life. The serrated nose of the stripper holds wires and leads a precise and accurate cutting and stripping for household or project wires. Overall, it’s a useful profile for all electric works and electricians busy with wiring the projects all day long.


  • Spring-assisted locking mechanism for safe keeping
  • Soft handle grip removes fatigue in use for long time
  • Serrated nose style for easy holding the wires to cut or strip
  • Durable, light weighted and handy
  • Ergonomic features for versatile use


  • Do not have much functions as versatile use

Editor’s end:

It is difficult to sort out an ideal wire stripper only depending on the web search. But for some transparent evidence, I reviewed my personal experiences and shared some outsource resource to make thing clear for my valued visitors landing everyday on my site here. The best wire strippers, however, demand some stunning features that I got when to use for my household repairing. So, in the light of my using experiences, I value some features that sometime reviewed on many strippers’ site like this one. However, I suggest you to read the every feature carefully oftentimes and understand the functionality if you are a novice one to use. Or gather deep knowledge in case of being an expert user. Making material, brand name, model, features, warrant, durability etc. are the main elements of a reviewed product that you are looking for out now in here.

Thanks PlasmaCutter Blog team for contributing this article. We appreciate for giving this helpful content to us.

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